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As she does not want to document her work using images, her projects are discovered in the contexts where they are presented, but also in the form of brief descriptions passed on by word of mouth, sometimes creating rumours. She is an exponent of “service-related” performance art, and her work often explores the role of the spectator.

PerformanceProcess Basel 2017-2018
thu 18 Jan 2018
fri 19 Jan 2018
Jung58 (2018)Kunsthalle Basel+41612069900
sat 20 Jan 2018
Jung59 (2018)Kunsthalle Basel+41612069900
sun 21 Jan 2018
sat 27 Jan 2018
sun 28 Jan 2018
fri 02 Feb 2018
sat 03 Feb 2018
sun 04 Feb 2018
fri 09 Feb 2018
sat 10 Feb 2018
sun 11 Feb 2018
Jung59 (2018)Kunsthalle Basel
sun 18 Feb 2018
PerformanceProcess Paris, Centre Culturel Suisse 18.09-13.12.15
fri 18 Sep 2015
jung40 (NEW PERFORMANCE)Centre culturel suisser+33 1 42 71 44 50

Hostage-taker, smuggler, Disney princess, mermaid, punk striptease artist, financial adviser specialising in the intangible art market, nail artist, clandestine vendor… Florence Jung constantly invents new roles for herself. Everything is true, and yet nothing proves it: as her pieces are never documented visually, they develop into rumours, spread by those who were there. At PerformanceProcess, a non-spectacular action discreetly infiltrates the vernissage. Watch out! You may be betrayed by déjà-vu.


60 years of performance art in Switzerland museum Tinguely, 20.09.2017 - 28.01.2018

jung34 (2014)

This performance is activated by the curators - Séverine Fromaigeat, Jean-Paul Felley, and Olivier Kaeser - wherever they find themselves, throughout the exhibition duration.





Florence Jung born 1986 in Lorraine, FR; lives and works in Biel, CH






I spy?

Florence Jung's work secretly infiltrates reality and challenges our preconceptions. ...

Florence Jung's work secretly infiltrates reality and challenges our preconceptions.

I spy with my little eye is a well-known guessing game. In the Swiss version, one of the players names a colour and the others have to guess the corresponding object. This game could be an analogy of Florence Jung's work. The artist places the visitor in the centre of a scenario of which he or she is not aware. At most, we find a few discreetly hidden clues in the tangible or intangible spaces of the exhibition, for example inside the programme, on a fact sheet, or via a rumour.

Florence Jung's interventions often take place before we realise it; she likes teasing us and taking us by surprise, and she also knows how to provoke us. Her works become modern legends and almost exclusively exist in the form of testimonials provided by a few initiates. Their ephemeral nature underlines even more powerfully how many different stories a real fact can generate. With humour and dexterity, Florence Jung reveals the workings of the art world and breathes real life into them.

For her performance jung40 at CCS Paris, the artist takes on the visitor and his/her role in the exhibition game. To find out what this means, the spectators will have to spy on each other so as to glimpse something that at first seems invisible: their own performance. Keep your eyes peeled: you have been warned.


Madeleine Amsler,  freelance curator